Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ravenna and Venice.....

Well the snow is back so this seems like a good time to take a final look at my holiday. The last visiting stop was Ravenna in Italy. The port is quite a long bus ride from the city but when we started our wander there was no doubt we were in Italy.

The old town of Ravenna has cobbled streets and the bicycle is the preffered mode of transport.
I would hate to be caught in the rush hour, I wonder if they have blue lights!
We had only a few hours to take in the sights which of course in Ravenna means the mosaics.In the three churches we visited they were on the floors, the walls and theceilings.  We gazed in wonder at the colours, the detail and the overwhelming richness of millions of tiny pieces of stone.
Here are just a few.

I loved this little window.
I am not sure of the significance of this golden bale but I loved it anyway.

Back on the Odyssey I discovered that my daughter had arranged a massage for me.  This is the ante room to one whole hour of heaven.
This was the sad sight that greeted us as we returned to our cabin on the last night.
and this was the sad sight that greeted me when I woke of the next morning.

 The only disappointment of the trip. I had missed our arrival in Venice which I had been pleasurably anticipating. The only time on the whole trip that I didn't watch our arrival. I shot out to my favourite deck and there in the distance you could just make out the Campanile and the dome of St Marks. 
Fortunately I have been to Venice a couple of times but I would have loved that view from the yacht.

(This photograph is from the Seabourn site, no breach of copyright intended) 
It was a wonderful holiday, so many sights and impressions of so many fascinating places. If I did something like it again (if I win the lottery) I would tack on an extra day at each end.  That way we wouldn't have had the stress of any possible travel delays and we would have been able to
spend a little time in Istanbul and Venice.
One more image from Ravenna.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow on snow.....

More overnight, still snowing now, the light powdery stuff. This is the garden this morning
and the road

I am waiting for Hansel & Gretel to knock here

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Soft south and snow beast....

 Well this is a change from sunshine cruises.  Yesterday I woke up at 6.30 to what is our usual amount of snow (when we have any), it was still snowing and it continued snowing without stopping for the rest of the day.  There were three types of snow, quite big flakes and then a kind of tiny hailstones and then a fine powder which came in blizzards they just kept alternating all day. I have never in all my years known such a prolonged downfall,  
I spent a happy half hour trying to catch the birds as they whipped in and out of the tree by my kitchen window.

blue tits don't stay still long

It was easir to catch them on the feeder which is further away

and I was delighted when a robin arrived.

He came onto the tree later and seems to be saying"Do you mind if I camoe in for a while?"

This was the garden this morning

The bench is in there somewhere
and I think my car is still under this

Not one snowmen but a line of little snow goblins

and the chimney across the road is getting a loving hug from a snow beast

It is 9am and it has just started snowing again!