Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think I have nearly fulfilled Sharon's challenge this month and have come to the conclusion that though I might like the results of change, I most certainly do not like the process!! I am offering the changes that have occured in this house this month.
The house is still in chaos, the actual decorating is finished and I think I like it but until the carpet is fitted on Thursday we won't know for sure. Then starts the long process of replacing the furniture, books, onaments etc. So about another week of unsettled living which we, not to mention the cat, have found stressful.
Just to add to the fun I broke my computer. Not quite sure what happened, I know I pulled out the wrong plug (thought I was dismantling lights) when it was switched on but apparently I have damaged the motherboard. Fingers crossed they can transfer some of the stuff but I won't know until the new one arrives next Friday (didn't want it until we are straight). Just some old holiday photos on this machine but you can't have a post without a picture so here is a foretaste of summer (I hope)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

In the nick of time.......

I had arranged to meet my daughter to go to the theatre on Thursday, so I thought I'd just check to see if there was anything else I could do to (escape from decoratind!!!!). What luck, I hadn't realised that the "From Russia" exhibition was to end so soon. On Friday in fact. I queued for 45 minutes in the bitter cold but it was worth every minute. From among the many gems this was my favourite it just drew me across the room.

No copyright breach intended.
Our theatre visit was to "Hairspray".. What fun. I have had the CD for about three years and was a bit disappointed in the film so I was looking forward to this with mixed feelings. It was great. Michael Ball was terrific. The performance we saw was being signed for the deaf. What a woonderful skill this is. Not only did she sign but she sang all the words and did all the facial expressions as well. She had a resounding round of applause at the end.
Great escape day...back to the decorating tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Calendar Girls 2008.......

I wanted to do something special for the April challenge as my swap partner was Doreen who thought up the challenge in the first place. As I have already explained to her this immediately fried my brain, and that, and all the upheaval of the decorating (still ongoing) meant I just couldn't settle or come up with anything.

In the end I made three cards, this is the one Doreen chose

This is "paper" made from silk cocoon strippings and sprayed with inks.

These are the other two.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

All change.....

How do you see change? As a negative or a positive. That is Sharon's challenge for this month and this is the colour scheme. I have given the concept a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that it depends entirely on circumstances of change whether I see it as negative or not. I have had a few thoughts on the piece and must get to it soon as things are going to change around here.

We are about to have a major decoration job done, I am sure it will be great when it's done but the next three are four weeks are going to be messy, to say the least, amd I am not sure how much time I will have for creating and/or blogging as things are going to be disconnected!!!! The interesting thing is that though I mess with colour and stuff all the time when it comes to something like what colour carpet to chose, I freeze. It has taken weeks and I am won't know if I made the right decisions until it is finished. A classic example of how change can be negative or positive I think.

Just look what this artist has done to change a pile of pebbles!!

This is 100 in the World Beach Project.

Just for interest Neil Gaiman had this link to a talk on TED on what Leonardo Da Vinci looked like when young.

One more world on change, our Spring has just changed back to winter as it is snowing heavily at the moment. That definitely is a negative,