Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Congratulate me.......

........yesterday I managed to throw away 5 pieces of paper from my stash.  I am hopeless, just can't let go.

I have, however finished another journal, this one took a turn towards the dark.  I blame the weather. I did make a video but it was too big to upload here.  I will have to fathom out the You Tube thing.
The cover is cotton with a layer of matte medium, the photograph is part of the ruins at Nymans with a bit of digital manipulation.

 Intended for the owner to write there own story with photo suggestions of characters, plot and locations.

 What strange things are in the jars?
 Strange writings

 Real or ghost?
 Villain/Hero? No tale complete without strange housekeeper.

On evening I went to see Hamilton I arranged to meet my daughter at Victoria station, coming down the escalator I was struck with the Lowry-esque scene in front of me, so I went back up the escalator so I could come down again to take this.

Last year the City of Hull was the City of Culture .  A young friend of mine registered as a volunteer. One of her reasons was because I so bitterly regretted not volunteering for the 2012 Olympic volunteers because I thought I would be too old. She found herself taking in part in many events and this is one of them.

Lastly, do you think I have found one of my ancestors.
 Star of the excellent Early Man

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Christmas in February.......

.........on Friday evening I spent one of the most special and enthralling evenings I have ever spent in a theatre.  My daughter took me to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London.  It was a Christmas present from my son and daughter.    I have been playing the music for some months and this was such a wonderful surprise because tickets are like gold dust and I didn't think I would be able to go for another year.  So witty, so clever and the artistry of everyone involved was outstanding.  I am sure it will never forget it.

There has been some crafting this week. Two collages.

I particularly like the red one, reminds me of Uluru

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Where was I ?.....

...Oh yes!

I have had two weeks of cat sitting whilst my son visited the US(work, no shopping, boring) Life went back to what counts for normal on Friday and yesterday I sat down with my new book, on collage. 
See previous post.
There are 50 suggested exercises so no 1.  Five five minute collages.
I did sort out some papers before I started, it is amazing how quickly 5 minutes goes by.  Great exercise,
This is all five together.
One by one.

Still waiting for embossing powders but there are some great demonstrations from Creativation 2018 on Seth Apter's blogpost today.

We went to see The Post last week.   Good watch again at home film.  Early Man tomorrow.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


... I can see the floor but I find it impossible to be as ruthless as I would like.
However play has been resumed with work on another journal, sort of a bit Gothic this one....the first page.

I have a new book, The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman.  I came across it on Carolyn Saxby's always beautiful blog .
She is planning to work though it along with her sister Evelyn Flint , they previously worked through one of my favourite books Surface Treatment Workshop  So I thought I would perhaps try and combine the two.
The first exercise is to make a collage in five minutes.  I'll have to try that again because this took me about 15minutes.I used bits leftover from my Book of Trees  
This is the first one I tried mixing collage with paint.
I have to wonder why nearly all my mixed media attempts turn out like these mountainous landscapes.  I think this one is waiting for the delivery of Seth Apter's Deep Sea Embossing Powder 
I don't think I mentioned I had these on per-order from the excellent That's Crafty. 
I have no affiliation , It's just I have found them to give excellent service and we know how much I like that.

On another tack if the CEO of Marks and Spencer would like to contact me I could probably solve a lot of his problems.  

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There will be NO PLAYING......

.....with new toys UNTIL you've TIDIED YOUR ROOM!

                                                          ...........I've started

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Book of Trees.......

.... is finished for the moment.  This course was  by Roxanne Evans Stout  for the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network  and I have really enjoyed it.  It was good too to be able to apply some of the things I learned from Seth Apter earlier this year, Go check Seth has some new embossing posers coming out in the New Year that look absolutely gorgeous.

But I digress.  I loved the way this opened up Trees as a thought process, so many ways to go. Roxanne suggested that we wrote about trees which had a special meaning for us.  This I did and put them in a safe place where they still are.  I suspect they are in the same place as the leaves me good friend collected for me. So both to be added at a later date.
Here are some pictures just in case the video doesn't work as I've never posted one before.
The cover, it is a combination of pieces I have had for ages and ages. The girls will recognise the sticks made ages ago(Seth inspired)  and the silk piece is from the embellisher days. The actual cover is a piece of bark cloth I acquired at an Embroiderers Guild meeting  and have hoarded ever since. Love it when that happens.

So many textures and  techniques.  My own photographs, digital alteration, painting, gelli plate prints,drawing,collage,  rubber stamping........so many other things I could have done.  Best fun.

I have a smeaking suspicion that a junk journal might be made from the leftovers from this book.

My best wishes for Christmas to everyone. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday morning.....

......and I have a stack of ironing to do.  No not the boring kind this.....
deep in the depth of my freezer I found a packet of Summer Fruits, now the summer for this particular pack passed long ago, I was just going to out them when I had a little "I wonder?". I thought I may be able to make some sort of pink paper (not something I really feel a lack of) but no nature and chemistry produced purple.

I put the berries  in the pan, added water and boiled them for about 15 minutes. I squashed the berries to extract as much colour as possible and then I strained them and put the juice in a foil baking tray. I then added a stack of assorted papers, one sheet at a time making sure each one was fully immersed. When I was nearly at the top I spread some of the pulp in between and that produced the pink   I left them overnight.
Not a nice day today so no hope of drying them with solar power so I popped them one sheet at a time into a low oven which is why they are a bit crinkly.
The variation of colour is interesting, the darkest ones are tracing paper and the lightest ones were only left for a few minutes this morning when I had taken out all the others.

What fun, now to do the kind of ironing I don't mind.