Monday, April 04, 2016

Can't resist..........

......on Saturday we went to the Maltings in Farnham, Surrey. We have been before for their textile event but this time it was Antiques and Collectibles. 
The Maltings, an old brewery is an absolute maze of  corridors and stairs which lead to room of various size.  At one point you climb some very suspicious looking stairs up onto the stage and beyond.  Which give it all a feeling of a treasure hunt.  Which it was. My first find was this box.
Who could resist but this is what was inside.
Apparently belonged to an old gentleman who used to make large model railway engines.  The used sets have odd ones missing but the unused set is a completee alphabet, about 2" square.
We then found these, again irresistible.
When I fist came to I used to work for the Star newspaper in Bouverie Street. I am so glad I don't live in a time when you have to takes a cod's head and boil it. Some of the invalid recipes would have you up and about in no fear of been fed more of it. I could have done with this as Math was never my strong point.
My last purchase, it is huge,

I think you would need a very strong coffee table but it is full of wonderful images of fashion from bear skins to mini skirts,

I was gifted these tiny little pewter owlon their new perch.

Add to this a delicious lunch with friends, a good day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh my goodness........

Just look at this post from the wonderful Seth Apter, a retreat he hosted in Taos, New Mexico.  What a fantastic time they must have had  filling these Cabinets of Curiosity. I can only dream.
Sometime ago I started my own Box of Curiosities and reading Seth's post today really fired me to go and take another look at it. :I think it could do with some of the excitements that the group made.

Might just go and have a little play.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

All the usual excuses........

..for not posting.  I have found time to sew though.  The panel I bought at the Knit and Stitch at Olympia has had a few stitches added,


and is now a cushion.
I also made a little Mandy Patullo type hare.
He is about 5inches across. Not quite sure what to do with him now.
 Had a great day yesterday with a very talented friend.  She showed us how to make these little people.
Mine is on the right.  Loved how different they were.  She has promised to start a blog soon so I will let you know.
So sad for the people of Belgium.  We lived there for a few years and my son was born there. So many happy memories.

We had one glorious day this week so we did the Spring tidy on the garden, so satisfying but still a lot to do.
We are having new windows installed soon, unbelievable the stuff that accumulated between the door and the window in the spare room, so back to the clear out.

This blew my mind, as I couldn't ice a cup cake, just look how small it is.  A Happy and Peaceful Easter to all.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Disgusted and delighted........

Disgusted with Twisted Thread for their pricing policy at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. £16.00 entrance to selling show seems rather greedy.  The show is no where near as big as Ally Pally so I hate to think what they will be asking for that in October.  Be careful Twisted Threat you will price yourself out of the market. Because I was still reeling I didn't buy a catalogue and of course I bought something but the trader hadn't put their card in and I haven't a clue who they were so if anyone knows the name of the couple who were selling reproductions of impressionists paintings on fabric can you please let me know because I would like some of their other fabrics.

Right, having finished moaning I can say that we had a very enjoyable day.  So nice to find someone that you didn't know about and who's work you loved.  Mary Sleigh , textile artist and bookmaker, great combination. This is what had my juices flowing.

It was almost the first thing we saw but I just had to go back at the end of the day for another look.They fold up into books but it was the delicacy of the fabric and the stitching that I loved.
Thank you for allowing me to photograph.

I worked out how to make the gift card and cotton reel from my last post.
Good fun and quick to make.
Well the show really gave me a creative kick and then our Maylands Textile Group meeting yesterday gave me another.  I counted up this morning and I now have ten projects vying for attention in my butterfly brain.
Better go and start something.

Monday, February 29, 2016


is everyone as excited as me at the lengthening days. Just makes me feel better, hoping that warmth will follow soon as it is still a tad cold for a chilly mortal like me.
You are not supposed covert your neighbours goods but a friend of mine has a piece which I love.  It is a representation of a tin mine in Cornwall made in Cornish Slate and Metal.  I decided to have a go myself,    as I had no slate to hand I layered canvas here it is only resembling the original in composition.

My hexie quilt is growing slowly and serving double duty in keeping my knees warm. I found a fleece with a good black edge so that will be the backing , I thought I had nearly done enough but when I put them together I still have a long way to go.

Yesterday was great fun I went to see a friend in an excellent  production of Forbidden Broadway.
Funny parodies of  famous songs. What fun. Lots of clips from other productions on You Tube if you are interested.

I have had my Pinterest fix as per usual and this week the side of me that loves shabby chic is winning. I love how I swing between rust and lace, altering thoughts indeed.
I liked both these ideas which, apparently, started life as the middles of toilet rolls. Not tutorials but I think you can work them out.
From Vintage Inspired

The second one brings me to an interesting point about Pinterest.  I wich people would be more careful when chosing there links.  You have to have a link to the actual article not just the site, otherwise you spend hours scrolling through to find the item you want was posted years ago or worse you cannot locate it at all.
 This is the case with this one, I was unable to track down the original of these gift tags.
Pockets made from flattened toilet paper roll covered with old book page.... Good idea for cute notes:  

Looking forward to a visit to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show this week.  A little list of neeedles and such but I am sure something else will tempt me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I don't know why.....

I like pictures of disintegration....perhaps it's my age....this morning I found this link on Facebook one of  the   Through our Hands posts.A collection by Katy Cowan.
One of my favourites.

 I have finally managed to dig out the paints and mediums.
The first was going to be something else and then turned itself into something akin to the view of Black Combe at the top of this blog. 
The "fence" is hessian. I guess I really am homesick at the moment.  The traffic chaos which is becoming the norm around Dartford has me hankering for winds off the sea.
The next one was based on a tutorial in the excellent "wabi-sabi Art Workshop" by Serena Barton.
 Making this gave me great satisfaction. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Something completely different......

Last week was half term holiday for schools and my nephew brought his family to London for a few days.  I joined them at the Science Museum, somewhere I hadn't visited since my own children were small and I can tell you I will be going back, hopefully when it is less crowded and with my "proper" camera which is very good in low light. Just maybe I will get a chance to play on some of the touch screen (used to be push buttons). I did manage a few shots.
Loved this display in the entrance.

 and this had me really excited.( you can tell by the bluriness.)
So much to see, made me feel like this
 Hopefully I'll go while this exhibition is on.

Thursday I had a little play day with my friend and we made wonky houses, I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest from this site
Mine is on the left, I found a place for it.

    I have a new print tray to fill.  Hurrah.
Yesterday I finally managed to play with paint. I a video from France Papillon as a guideand if the result isn't quite up to her standard I had great fun.  The image is one of my favourites of my mother which I altered in my new Corel PaintShop Pro 7 (Christmas gift from son which I learning to love)